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Allura Leggard
Name Allura Leggard
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Hobbies acting,dancing,singing,track,field hockey, cooking, being weird, swimming
About Me Ever since I was 5 I knew I was either going to be an actress or an olympic athlete. In 7th grade I made it to varsity track and in 8th I made it to varsity field hockey, and I am NYC 30th best 100meter sprinter. In 5th grade I got a role in an off broadway play called "harlem on my mind" and I pretty much go to the all the time for my acting classes. My parents are the ones I really thank though because we drive 2-3 hours to get to NYC. The best part though is that I managed to have good grades every year. I also love spending time with my family and close friends because they always make me laugh and they accept me for me and how weird I can be.