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Allison Smith
Name Allison Smith
Age 27
Joined 590 days ago
Hobbies Drawing, painting, hiking, spending time with my son, my family and friends. Helping my community.
About Me I am a single mom of a 7 year old boy. He is my joy, my world. I am unemployed, have been for the past two years. I was an assistant preschool teacher. I like to draw, paint and cook. I try to be the best mother, friend sister, daughter I can be. I am a very nice and giving person. And I was always told that good things happen to good people. It is how I have lived my life and what I am instilling in my child. I love watching Ellen, she is upbeat and even if I am in a very down mood, watching her picks me right up. Her smile is contagious and she changes so many peoples lives. I am a big fan, and watch all the time. I never sign up for sweepstakes, because I have never won anything in my life. But my mother in law urged me to sign up. After I contacted some toy drives to try and help make Christmas for my son since I am unemployed and I was told by all the facilities and offices I contacted that there were not enough donations, and too much demand that they couldn't help me and my family. I have always donated toys in the past years to toy drives. Christmas is such a special day for children. With my mother in laws advice I have now applied for the sweepstakes and followed Ellen all the ways I could. as my mother in law said " you cant win if you do not enter". Thanks you Ellen, you are a wonderful person and bring so many people a smile with just your show. Happy Holidays everyone!
Allison Smith
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582 days ago

I'm having a problem entering as well.

Allison Smith
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Congratulations to all the winners! and good luck to all those who have entered. Happy Holidays!