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Dear Ellen! I write to you today to tell you about my dearest friend (Diane)that has MS. She's been living with MS for over 20 years. she is now 56. We have been friends forever (mid twenties). I usually have dinner with her every 2 weeks. But not since she development a sore on her buttocks. Now she is bedridden. cannot put any pressure on the bed sore. the bed sore is so deep, the Doctor can almost touch her bone. Did I mention, she cannot get out of bed on her own and has a bag to do her business. This lying down 24/7 is making her weaker and weaker. Before this happened, she finally started renovating the house she shares with her common law husband. They finished one room (bathroom). they had no choice because there was no other working shower in the house. The main room, has no walls or ceiling and the kitchen is a total mess. Can't see the counter with all the stuff all of the place. Let's just saw that her common husband has no organizing of cleaning skills. Everything is so dirty. I worry about her hygiene. she has a nurse that comes by every day to administer antibiotics. I think you can make out a mental picture of her situation. I tried helping with the renovations. Worriying about people and contractors taking advantage or leaving her alone and helpless with strangers in the house. I had a friend that new a master electrician. He offered to come and assess the situation and provide an estimate but when the time came to do it ...he said he was to busy. She should be in a clean and zen environment. Instead she is in a house that is literally falling apart. can you help? desperate from Quebec, Canada to give her bestfriend a beautiful everyone for the remaining time she may have on this earth. Help please! Aline xo