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alicia lott
Name alicia lott
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About Me I am unemployed mother whose almost homeless. I have only worked 6 weeks in the last 3 and half years i need some help with employment i live in the los angeles area if anyone knows whose hiring. I can barely work cause of all my ailments but i will give it the best try to the best of my abilities. I love taking my kids to movies and love singing dancing and acting silly. the things going on in my life are hendering me from being myself. Please help someone
alicia lott
Justin Timberlake on Reuniting with N'Sync
211 days ago

hello , I wanna start by saying "I just Love You", Ellen I have a very close friend whose entire family has pneumonia. Its 3 brothers and their mother. The oldest brother just came home after two weeks from being hospitalized for it, The second to the older brother Keith Anderson of Altadena died from it at Huntington hospital/pasadena, on Saturday Dec.28th, morning 9:52am. My friend has a gardening business and has not been able to work for a couple of weeks due to the pneumonia he contracted around Thanksgiving. So now bills are falling behind. I cant help him cause i didnt have a job for over a year and i got one and lost it after a week cause my car broke down, the transmission is slipping and the bus didnt run early enough to get me to work.
Were both doing bad and to top every thing off my friends son Brandon Anderson was shot 15 times on December 23rd,2013 in Sacramento because of a fight he got into earlier. I dont even know what to say to my freind or his family. I been knowin them over 30 years. But I should cause i lost my brother and father a week apart around Christmas time over 20years ago. Please help him if you can in any way Ellen If you cant please pray for that family. The "Andersons" Of Altadena,
California. MY name is Alicia Lott, 9096584242 1453 e. 46th st. l.a., ca. 90011 Ellen im posting this letter on your site in every area i can get it in to you. Im desperate and i feel so sad for them. I apologize for that in advance. im even blogging it if i have to. Keith has insurance i think but Brandon did not, MY fr

alicia lott
Message from Ellen
517 days ago

i just love you so much ellen. im glad god has blessed us with ur personality and presence. I havent worked in almost a year and before that i only worked 1 month after not working for 3 years. I really need some help please. what ever you could do would be great like give me a shout out for a job. Thanks for being you ellen. we love you in this house. alicia Lott

alicia lott
Message from Ellen
595 days ago

Hello Ellen, I just Love you. Your show looks like a blast to be on. Can i please have tickets? I need something else to put a smile on my face cause im unemployed. Cant find work and have only worked 6 weeks in the last 3 and half year. Looks like i have nothing else to do in the day till i get a job. Can i please come on the show?