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Alicia Begay
Name Alicia Begay
Location Phoenix, Arizona
Age 20
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Hobbies Music. Running. Traveling Learning New things. And One Direction. Jonas Brothers. Photography. Nature. Family
About Me I'm Alicia. 18. Native American. & trying to live life to the fullest.
Alicia Begay
Justin Bieber, Hugh Jackman, and Day 10 of 12 Days!
587 days ago

Pretty Please with a cherry on a top pick me.

Alicia Begay
See One Direction on Ellen!
630 days ago

Dear Ellen
Hello My name is Alicia. 18 years old. Graduated from high school this past year. Right now I am currently working. Not going to college yet. Just trying to decide on where to start and who I want to be. I know it maybe silly writing, to you.. because it seems like you may not read these and my chances are slim. But it doesn't hurt trying Right? I am an only child, and it's just me and my mother. We live in Phoenix, Arizona. Usually we would rush home just to see your show. It was like an everyday thing we do every day. But I started working and I don't see her as much. You may think I am spoiled but no. I am helping my mother pay a little rent and grocery, because she has bills to pay. It is a very tough time for us. But getting through it step by step and having each other has become easier. We don't really go out on vacation as much, only because we don't have enough money. My grandmother and most of our family lives 5 hours away. We've moved to the city because there is no jobs, and my mother wanted me to get a higher education. So usually it's just us too. My mother has become my best friend. I honestly don't know where I would be without her. She is my world. Someone I look up to. November 8th is her birthday, and if we do get tickets then maybe we can make that week to getaway and enjoy life. She is a hard working single mother. Just trying to put a roof over my head, and I would love to do something special for her. She once worked 2 jobs just to support me, I never got to see her. Wakes up 6am to go to work comes back around 3-4pm and spend an hour and go to her second job. I know there is no way to pay her back from all the things she have done. But Now she only has one job. We try not to go out as much but it's really hard. I know she would love to go to one of your shows. and I'm in love with One Direction. So it's a perfect time to go. :) The boys were in Arizona this past summer and I was unable to go, only because it was sold out. They are having a 2013 tour but not coming to ARIZONA. So this maybe my only chance to see them. I don't know how I would feel if I seen one Direction live. Listening to them live. Ugh I think I would die. My dream is to meet them and have them sing to me. Listen to "More Than This", "Moments", and "Little Things" live. I would love a hug from Liam Payne. Liam is so cute. I am in love with him. He makes me smile, and his voice... I even made a twitter account for him. I try to have him notice me but it's impossible. You, One Direction, and My mother all in one room. Well oh boy. Well I hope you get the chance to read my commment. And thank you for taking your time by reading this.

Thank you Ellen for making my mother and I smile.

Love Always, Alicia B.

Alicia Begay
See One Direction on Ellen!
631 days ago

Ellen Pick Me please (: