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Alicema Idung
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About Me Hey Ellen I am 12 years old I love watching your show.I'm a big fan of your I'm always trying to find a way to meet you.I had my mom write in to you because I want to meet you.I always wanted to go to LA and meet you.3 of my friends end I watch videos of you alot during break at school and if we are not watching you we are watching anything that has to do with One Direction.We wanted to send you a video of us singing our own vertion of there song Best Song Ever.But when my friend M. Can't make it then we don't do it because she is the only one that has something that we can take a video on which is her tablet but one of my fiend B. mite be getting a phone.I know as a kid you never want to here your parents say that they do not have money for this and that but life is not perfect I gess if my parents can not bye me an iPhone or tickets to go see you or to go see one direction because we have things in the house we need to fix the that is how it ia going to be.
Alicema Idung
Message from Ellen
55 days ago

My daughter Irpeel or Alicema is a big fan of yours and she would really like to meet you before she goes in to surgery this summer just to have you talk to u on the phone would mean a lot to her THANK YOU ELLEN for putting smiles on are faces every day.

Alicema Idung
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211 days ago

It would be the coolest thing ever if I Met Ellen.Just to talk to her would be cool I'm always watching her show and the phone to see if she would call :p I wouldn't want to miss that.