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Name alexus
Location hale , michigan
Age 13
Joined 245 days ago
Hobbies singing to justin bieber and/or one direction
About Me i live in a small town and it is hard to find out about big advents so not able to go to concerts.Im i love with Justin Bieber he has been my idol for who knows how long my one wish and dream is to meet him in person but its not very often a small town girl gets enough money to do it :(
Justin Bieber
245 days ago

Dear Ellen,
im a 12 year old girl and i am being bullied severally. Every day its the same old thing with the yelling pushing and arguing justin has helped me through so much. Hes sounds outstanding when he sings i sing to his songs every day and i calm right down. Its really hard for me one by living in a small town and not ever having enough money to go to any concerts, but i turn on his music and i think that im at my own little concert. i know its really stupid but it is true or i just watch videos when he was on your show he is so spontaniouse and you are hilariously funny. The only thing i ever wanted in life was to meet him i promise i will do any thing just to meet him. what ever you want just tell me and i swear ill do it i never back down from a promise and excpecially never lie
alexus riggs hale,michigan