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Alex sanchez
Name Alex sanchez
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Hobbies I have no hobbies really ?
About Me I am the father of my beautifull 4 kids I has been married with my pretty wife Griselda and together we live in Arizona since 13 years ago. We always watch your show and I have recorded most of your shows we love you so much Elle God bless you thanks for take us in consideration for give us some thing special I wish thanks.
Alex sanchez
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246 days ago

Hi Ellen is my again how are you ? My name is Alex I live in Arizona with my family( Griselda is my wife and my four kids,Brandon,Alondra ,Alex and Samantha) my wife and I need to share the only car We have she works in the nights and I work in the mornings this routine is very stressfully all the week the same I see her only in the weekends because she works Monday to Friday for my she is everything always since we are married she has been working hard for our family in nights shifts. Ellen she deserve something better in her life something special and that Cain of surprises only happen in your show I really wants something for her because at this time we have a very hard situation in our live we can only pay some of our bills and this Christmas we have nothing to give to our kids so I wish with all my heart you can read this Ellen thanks.she watch your show every day because she have all the episodes recorder.