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Alex Madonna
Name Alex Madonna
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Hobbies I love to to sing,love to paint
About Me I'm just a girl in the world...Lol...I am 34 yrs old...born in Croatia,live in Zagreb and i am working in a cosmetic saloon,doing nails..Loove my job,love art..and i think that theese tehnique that we do with nails is like painting...u have to be patient with womens they are really sensitive with that part of their bodys,bec nails tell lots of stuff about woman or men,so i have a really strong nerves...but as you know I ADOOORE MADONNA AND I HAVE A DREAM JUST TO GIVE HER A BIG HUG TO THANK HER FOR THE 30 YRS SHE GIVE HERSELF TO US...I wrote everything in comment...i know that my dream may never come real,but i feel like i am connected with her some kind of way,she means alot to me ..all these years i was loyal to Madonna,been on her shows,in italy most,and for S&s tour in serbia and MonteNegro,near parents split..that was ery when i was listening her words...and when my dad past away 2 yrs ago...her song..OH FATHER.......omg when i hear just the name of that song i start to cra...just wanna to say that i find myself in her means alot....ok...ellen u have a GREAT SHOW...LOVE TO WATCH ...I AM FOLLOWING U ON TWITTER...AND PLEASE TELL MADONNA THAT SHE IS IN MY HEART FOREVER...THAT SHE CHANGED MY LIFE AND SHE HELPED ME ALOT WITH HER ANGELIC VOICE....THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES MADONNA,AND THANK YOU ELLEN!U ARE SO SWEET PERSON XOXO ALEXANDRA <3 <3 <3