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Alethea Noonan
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About Me I 58yrs old single mother of 3 grown children (2 boys & 1 girl). Always worked 3 jobs to get my children were they are today. I'm a very proud mother of all of them. Help put them through college and my middle son and I are still paying for his loans (10 years). But I am living proof that single women become strong when it comes to there children. Divorce when my youngest was 1 years old - 2 boys were 5 and 9 yrs old. I have no regrets. Still Single........
Alethea Noonan
Vanessa Williams and Jason Aldean
619 days ago

Just a quick comment on the people (celebrity and non-celebrity) that you have on your show. I don't get to watch your show that offen (do to working)but when I do watch it the people and audience seem to feel so comfortable no matter when you talk to them. Everyone always seems to be having fun on your show. It's makes people (me) happy. Keep being the natural you (like mom says just be you and people will like you for you). Wish there was a DVD with all your shows on it so I can catch up on the pass shows from years ago. Thanks for being you.

Alethea Noonan
East Bridgewater, MA