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Alberta Sanchez
Name Alberta Sanchez
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Hobbies I collect pigs and love pink things like vases, clothes, and jewelry.
About Me I like to spend time with my family. I also love to collect pigs of any kind. I have several of stuffed pigs and ceramic pigs. I have a couple of crystal pigs and some from other states. My friends give me pigs for my birthday and Christmas. My granddaughters buy me special pigs that I will treasure for the rest of my life. In my collection of pigs I have about 3000 so far. They are very special and I appreciate every pig I am given.
Alberta Sanchez
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274 days ago

Ellen on todays show at the end there was a short but meaning full question about a school who needs help. I am proud to say that I work at a TITLE 1 school. Our school gets passed over by district 11 for funds that they use for schools up north. Up north the schools are rich and have everything they need and want. They have elevators which our 100 yr old building does not have they have all the luxuries that our poor neighborhood school does not. It makes me sick to my stomach that our students who are just as important as the ones up north get passed by like yesterdays garbage. I know these are pretty strong words but it is so true. Our kids come from broken homes. Some live in motels with several siblings and one parent. Some of our babies come to school with socks that do not match much less fit. My heart breaks every day for our students. A lot of them eat at school and that is their only meals off the day. they are happy to get5 a Halloween pencil from me for doing a great job. I try to buy t5hem things that they will not get from home or relatives because they are so poor. I love all of our kids at HELEN HUNT ELEMENTARY. The staff that work there have to have big hearts and really love our babies. Not everybody can work at a building like ours. I would just like to see Hunt recognized for all of our students regardless of the color of their skin or lack of money in their home. I will probably get fired for writing to you Ellen but it is so worth it to me. I can not tell you how many nights myself as well as other staff worry about our students because they do not have food or clothes. We as staff can only do so much without crossing the line to help OUR BABIES. I only make 12,000.00 a year but I buy MY BABIES as much as I can when I can. They are MY HEROS because they have really hard lives and still come to school with a smile on their faces. I learn from them every single day. They are very precious to all the staff. Please consider our school to help because MY BABIES deserve it. They are worth so much. I would do anything for them and that includes possibly losing my job for writing to you. Thank you Ellen for your time. Winter is here and a lot of our kids do not have coats. If you could just get them coats I would greatly appreciate that. Just because they are poor they deserve to be warm. God bless you Ellen for your generous heart. I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.