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$100,000, would be nice, but I think there are other people that need it more. We pay that every year to support out needy community iand our unwanted animals in rural TN.

Have to share some thoughts with people making comments....hope this puts things in perspective

Read some of the comments about supporting "no kill shelters"... Monroe County Friends of Animals supports this rural TN county and in our last 9 years we have homed over 14,000 animals. In 2009 we took in 6,000 animals. The county supports us with two full time people and with only 30 runs.

We donate Over $100,000 per year and over 100,000 in volunteers hours. So....when another animal arrives, do we tell people to put it back on the street or wherever you found it....NO, WE DO THE BEST WE CAN TO SAVE ALL ADOPTABLE ANIMALS. Sorry, but if it not adoptable, we put it down.

No-kill shelters accept who they can and turn away others. Did you know that a no-kill shelter can put down up to 20% of their animals ans still be a no-kill shelter.

No-kill shelters help, and we use them when they have openings. Any organization that help unwanted animals contribute.

Our partner group has funded over 10,000 spay/neuter operations in their last 10 years.

Would love to share our experiences with others....just shows what retired people can and make a significant contribution the their retirement communities instead of just planing golf and ......

Love what you do for for all our animals...we love you, and thanks...

Alan Hammersmith, President Monroe County Friends Of Animals