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Aimee Luna
Name Aimee Luna
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Hobbies Traveling, going to museums, reading, acting, and being with family and friends.
About Me I am 33 years old and married. I ahve two wonderful and crazy children that I love and adore so very much. I am a daycare teacher and I have been with the same company for ten years. I am currently back in school and working on receiving my business degree. I also have acted in the past but nothing has ever come about and is not that I am a horrible actress, it is just because I do not know anybody who could give a real job with that specific art. I love to read bedtime stories to my children and I always use different voices to make my children laugh. I am looking for a new job, but I donot know what I want to do, lol. I sometimes wish I could ask you for a job, which you be super-dee-dooper!!! I just love life and enjoy being apart of this world. I try to make the best of it even when my world sometimes seems it is shattering around me. I just laugh and think positive.
Aimee Luna
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519 days ago

This is more than awesome!!!! Thank you for thinking about us people who at times feel we will never get anything or who never feels lucky;) This is awesome!