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Name Aimee
Location Cambridge, Ontario
Age 38
Joined 164 days ago
Hobbies Watch the Ellen Degeneres show with my mom! Ellen is absolutely amazing! I hope to meet her one day!
About Me My name is Aimee Velitchovski I live in Cambridge Ontario Canada. I own a riding stable and teach lessons. I also own 7 cats and 2 dogs. I'm very passionate and love all my animals. I'm a kind caring down to earth person and I enjoys helping with pet patrol caring for their felines.
Message from Ellen
96 days ago

Happy Easter Ellen! Congratulations on your 1800th show! You Rock Ellen!!! I wish I could be a part of your show somehow or on your show one day in the near future! This is one of my goals! Thank You Ellen for such a Great T.V. show that you host for everyone to watch! You have touched the lives of many!

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162 days ago

Hi Ellen, I'm entering this contest to win a new car to surprise my mom (Gordana). After all these years my mom has never had the opportunity to own a car. My mother Gordana came out of a 17 year marriage with a Narcissistic man, which is My step father. My mom had to regain her confidence and take her life back into her own hands and finally at age of 48 she got her driver licence. Now my mom will be 56 years old June 18,2014. What an honor it would be to win this car for my mom Gordana. I could only Imagine the joy that this would bring to my moms heart by having a new and her very first car! Also I would like to mention that my mom adores you Ellen, and watches every episode of your show. All I ever hear from my mom is, how great it would be to meet Ellen! fun it would be to have the chance to be at the 12 days till Christmas show! Thank You Ellen for being such a great host and all the wonderful things you do to help people in this world! You are definitely some kind of Wonderful! Thank You!