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Aiman Khanani
Name Aiman Khanani
Age 16
Joined 397 days ago
Hobbies Reading books and listening to Justin Bieber! <3
About Me I am Aiman(Aimee)Khanani.I am a proud Pakistani.I am 15 years old.I am very friendly and understanding and try to help anyone in my best way.I am a huge Belieber and dying to meet Justin!He has changed my life.I love him so much and can do anything to meet him. I love making friends! =) <3
Aiman Khanani
Justin Bieber
397 days ago

I am really a huge belieber!I love Justin so much.He has changed my life!And I am saying this form the depth of my heart.I dream about him everynight.I am a Pakistani Belieber and I want to meet him so badly,but i dont think he will ever come to Pakistan just because the conditon of the country.I have tweeted him many times(My account name is Aimee Khanani)I wish I could go to his any of concerts just to see him from a dsitance but my father cant afford to take me to some other country.Please dont ignore this.Whenever you meet Justin,please tell him about this.I can do anything to meet him and to thank him for changing my life.I mean ANYTHING!