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Name Ahmasi
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Hobbies History, photography; dancing
About Me Long time geek before there was a word for it; love music, dance, science and technology; good, stimulating, informative conversation; good books.
'SYTYCD' Winner Fik-Shun
317 days ago

My young brother, you were amazing! Congratulations on your most deserved win!! You said something about ballroom dancing having so much 'technique' but you should be aware that all dancing has technique including what you do! Techniques differ from dance style to dance style but your dance style, so-called 'street dancing', is admired and copied all around the world! It is on a par with any other dance style and should never be thought of as 'lesser than'! Explore, expand, discover new styles but never forget your roots! Black Social Dance (BSD) is popular all over the world and deserves the same respect as any of the other dance styles out there! You have a promising future; stay humble and respectful to all around you, always give thanks for your blessings and good things will continue to come your way. Wishing you all the very best in all your endeavors!