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Agatha Morales
Name Agatha Morales
Age 25
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Hobbies Cinematography, photography, watching movies, screen writing
About Me Full time T-mobile manager, saving money so that i can pay for csun's cinematography program. Ultimiate dream is to work for any production company.
Agatha Morales
Everyone Gets a Powerball Ticket!
603 days ago

Hey Ellen,

Thank you for the Power Ball ticket, my family and I were glued to the internet waiting for the results. Unfortunately we did not win but thank you for giving us an opportunity that we would have never have gotten if it weren't for you. Thank you for having us as guests. Taking my Grandma to see you and seeing her dance, smile, and let loose was more rewarding than than any Power ball jackpot. I just wanted to say THANK YOU!, for bringing my grandma and myself together and THANK YOU, just being YOU! Take care!