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Amanda Leavit
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I'm an Ellen and Pink fan!!!!!

Watched the show today and as always, i loved it! There was a subtitle encouraging people who love Pink to write in why...this is the specific topic of my response hereafter.

I love Pink because she LIVES FEIRCE-LY. I am so much older than Pink but love what she stands for...blasting stereotypes and being who you want to be. I love her music and her one album, I'm Not Dead Yet, epitomizes the vacuousness of public life. I run to her songs and am always ALWAYS inspired by her 'VERVE'!!! Likewise, in a much smaller fashion, I have thumbed my nose at stereotypes all my life. When people 'of my generation' say you must marry, I say BS. I have been together with my life partner and although we've never married, we are known as "Mr. and Mrs. Fun"! Together 21 years strong now. Living life to its fullest...God bless Ellen and as a 51 year old female who was laid off from Marketing Communication management job a little over a year ago, all I say it 'Bunk' to those morons who say older women don't know Marketing or Media. Pink is my muse and I believe she inspires so many millions of women and that is what I hope to do with my next career choice. Notice, I say 'choice' is all about choices and I choose to love life and continue to love people!!!!!

Thanks for letting me share and God bless all of you (Ellen's talented staff)!!!!

Much love from someone who ALSO LIVES PASSIONATELY,
Adriane Leavitt