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adria ostroski
Name adria ostroski
Age 43
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Hobbies Any outdoor activities, vacations, watching Ellen and dancing.
About Me Im a mother of 2, my son is 18 and my daughter is 15. I married my highschool sweatheart and have been married for 20years. If I could meet one person in my life it would be you Ellen!!! Im a fun, outgoing, crazy girl who loves to laugh and make others laugh too.
adria ostroski
Gilles Marini Gets Splashed!
635 days ago

Ellen.....What are you looking at? Why is it that you can get all these men to take off their clothes! You are the only married woman to get away with touching men, kissing them and getting them to take their clothes off and your spouse doesn't get mad! lol Your the best, you just keep doing it for all of us cuz it does make us HAPPY! I just have to say it really bothers me when im at JcPennys and your voice doesn't come over the speaker to say "Attention JcPennys shoppers our store will be closing in .......". They should record you!! That would make me smile and buy more! We love you Ellen!

adria ostroski
Start Driving with a New Hyundai
637 days ago

Hi Ellen, It's tough living with a 18 and almost 16 year old driving, I can't afford gas let alone a car!!! I do have a cardboard cutout of you that im going to take to the Hyundai car lot! Im sure the sales person will think im nuts when I strap you in while we go for a test drive! No worries I will video this just as I always do when I take you out in public! Please check out one of my cardboard Ellen videos Thanks for making me smile everyday!!

adria ostroski
LL Cool J on His Break-In
639 days ago

I love how you can kiss all the men, touch them and always get them to take their clothes off! I wonder if my cardboard Ellen can get men to take their clothes off? I think i'm going to take her out and video cardboard Ellen getting men to take their clothes off!! Last time LL was on your show he said always follow your dream and mine is to meet you! So I'm going to!! please check out my Cardboard Ellen video!

adria ostroski
Tickets for a Special Family
642 days ago

I love when you surprise viewers! I write into the show so often that evertime my phone rings w an out of state number I answer it saying Ellen??? (I think im going to get you at your own game) If my doorbell rings after 5 forget it I think for sure it's Jeanie! Not too many of your fans have a dressed cardboard Ellen cutout that they take out in public! Plase check it out! I love your kind soul...

adria ostroski
Nicole Richie Sniffs a Hunk
644 days ago

All I have to say is it takes a daring girl to sniff ANYONES fingers!! Cardboard Ellen wouldn't even sniff anyones fingers please check cardboard Ellen out!

adria ostroski
Quote of the Day: Do Something Crazy
657 days ago

"Do Something Crazy!!" What do you think people think when they see me out in public places w a life size cardboard cut out of you that I made? I even dress it!! Everyone loves you (cardboard or not) first they smile cuz your smile is contageous and then they always start to either dance or sing! This is crazy and priceless! I hope one day your crazy enough to have us on your show or even to attend one. I will keep on keepin on w my posative thoughts! Check yourself out Ellen your made of corragated plastic. you also have a facebook under cardboard Ellen! I love you girl! Adria OStroski

adria ostroski
'Jersey Shore' Guys on Love and Sobriety
659 days ago

Hahaha I love when you embarass your employees! I bet Claudia wasn't the only on to change her shoes? As soon as I saw their red sneakers I knew you would have them on too! I sit at my computer every night to laugh at theese speak peak videos before bed so I always go to bed w a smile on my face. I know one day I willl meet you Ellen im just going to stay positive!! Thanks for all the laughs, please check out my cardboard Ellen video so I could make you laugh. Love You Ellen! Adria Ostroski

adria ostroski
Exclusive! Lea's Haunted Apartment
659 days ago

Hi Ellen, I think it would be so funny if you have your writer Amy and her mom stay at her old apartment for a night!! It is October if ya konw what I mean!!!! im sure the people living there would allow it! Or better yet we could pretend my house is haunted and we could have her visit a home viewer (ME)and stage crazy things to happen here!! Im your hugest fan Ellen I would love it! That would be pee your pants funny! Im crazy enough to make up stories and pull it off. I
made a cardboard cutout of you and dress you up and take you out in public. Your energy is crazy fun! Anyway My dream job would either be to be a writer on your show, be on Saturday night Live or to be a Cruise DIrector so I know I could do it!!! PLEASE Check out one of my cardboard Ellen videos! I Love You Ellen! Thanks for making us smile everyday! Adria Ostroski

adria ostroski
No Doubt on Their New Album
667 days ago

I love how you give us a sneak peak every night, I watch them before going to bed so needless to say I go to bed w a smile on my face! No Doubt!! haha Please check out my cardboard Ellen video!

adria ostroski
Pam Anderson on 'DWTS' and Dating
668 days ago

Pam is one of my fav guests you have on your show! Please check out my cardbord Ellen video! We love you Ellen.

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