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adria ostroski
Name adria ostroski
Age 43
Joined 670 days ago
Hobbies Any outdoor activities, vacations, watching Ellen and dancing.
About Me Im a mother of 2, my son is 18 and my daughter is 15. I married my highschool sweatheart and have been married for 20years. If I could meet one person in my life it would be you Ellen!!! Im a fun, outgoing, crazy girl who loves to laugh and make others laugh too.
adria ostroski
Doorframe Koalaing
514 days ago Our cardboard ellen video is so funny. Love the little boys pic too!!!

adria ostroski
A Day in Ellen's Photos, Featuring Russell Brand!
518 days ago

OMG with his personality and his energy along with the accent he could be Sophia Grace's dad!! Please check out Cardboard Ellen goes shopping in NEPA!!

adria ostroski
Be Ellen's First Underwear Model!
534 days ago I think JCPEnny should sell your underwear and all your other clothing. Im sure you will agree my model is beautiful, thin and looks great in anything she wears! Not to mention hilarious! I love you Ellen. She may be made out of corragated plastic but her smile is contageous and energy is amazing. I am your hugest fan!!

adria ostroski
Quote of the Day: Fat Chance
604 days ago

I don't know what was funnier, the girls picking the numbers or Tony laughing in the back round!! I love you and your show Ellen! I have a cardboard cut out of you and we dress her up and take her every where! It's made of coragated plastic and the positive energy she gives off is amazing. When cardboard Ellen is out in public people scream your name and immediatly start dancing! This is priceless I hope one day you see one of my videos. She even has her own FB under cardboard Ellen. Thanks for making the world smile every day Ellen.

adria ostroski
Worried About Gifts This Season?
606 days ago

Hello, im writting in on behalf of one of my bestfriends. Every day he risks his life as a PA State Trooper to keep all of us safe! Out of every pay all year long he sets aside money of his own to save for all the less fortunate familys he meets through out the year. At Christmas he asks what their children are asking Santa for and provides them with whatever it is. His name is Davey Peters and we have been friends for 37 years, we met when I was 4. We grew up in a apartment complex geared toward single mothers raising familys and what a wonderful mothers we both have. I don't know if we would be the people we are today if it weren't for our moms and everything we DIDN'T have growing up! His mom raising 3kids and mine raising 4. I would love for you to help my friend with any extra materials you have to spare or JCP gift cards? I love JCP we actually took a cut out of you shopping there for a some new clothes. I hopeoyu enjoy my video I am truly your biggest fan.

adria ostroski
Win Prizes from jcp!
615 days ago

I made a cardboard cut out of Ellen and took her shopping for clothes and of course we went to JCP! We made a video, all the sales associates were so great helping us find her clothes and when we sat in the lounge chairs a worker even offered us a square trade martini! This wasn't even planned and the look on the girls face when we took cardboard Ellen into Saphora inside JCP to have her make up done was priceless!!(sorry covergirl) I hope you enjoy my video! JCP is awesome my only complaint is when you announce to store will be closing in however many minutes it should be Ellen's voice! Her voice is sure to make everyone smile on their way outta your store.

adria ostroski
Tony Strips for the Splash Tank
631 days ago

Happy NOVEMBER WHAT????? I wish Tony took both shirts off!! Seeing your back round on you Halloween show made me remember an idea I had for Ellen to have a healthy back! I think Ellen needs roller coaster seats on her set! She will sit straight up, she won't be able to cross her legs, if she is feeling wild n crazy she could buckle herself in and most of all they're fun! Her guests can use them too, her chiropractor will love this idea! I wanted to take my cardboard Ellen to the park to video how perfect these seats would be but I never got there!! Im your hugest fan Ellen, check us out! Please.

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