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Adele Pointer
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Adele Pointer
Howie Mandel, Day 8 of 12 Days!
558 days ago

Hi Ellen. Not sure if you received my last email over Christmas but I am writing to you from Norfolk in United Kingdom. I tape your show and watch it everyday when I come home from work as it makes me feel happy. You bring so much sunshine to people's Rainey days especially in our country! Thank you. Please please can you tell me who the artist is who painted the picture behind you when you were interviewing Howie (day 8 I think). I would love to contact him to buy a print. When I was little my mother would make up her own bed time stories around a hut set in snow in woods and that is exactly the image I have had in my mind for many many years. Please help me to contact the artist. Keep up the good work Ellen - maybe you could come and do a show over here!