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Addie Acanda
Name Addie Acanda
Age 46
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Hobbies I collect butterflies, I love watching The Ellen show, Oprah and Dr. Phil and I like to go fishing and frogging….I just went frogging once but I had a blast :) I also like to travel.
About Me I'm a proud mother of 3, Laura, Jorge and Luis, I've been married since April, 2011 to the most amazing man in the world and then he's gorgeous too :). I work in the medical field and I love it, so over all life is good….it gets complicated, sometimes a lot, sometimes not so much but I'm proud to say that I concentrate a lot on learning from the tough times I bring onto myself and even prouder because I've made a conscious choice to learn from the tough times life has thrown my way…….. I strongly believe that if I didn't choose to learn from them the only other option is to be angry and that to me would be a huge injustice to me and the wonderful people I share my life and heart with.
Addie Acanda
Ellen Addresses Her JCPenney Critics
173 days ago

Alrighty thennnnnnnn… when I read what this video was all about, I was gearing up with my virtual boxing gloves and give a piece of my mind of the whole issue, I'm usually better than most at respectfully telling someone off leaving them with not much choices for a comeback but I think Ellen did pretty darn good all by herself and basically told the haters that they made total hateful ridiculous fools of themselves…, lol their own members agree. WAY TO GO ELLEN!!!!! I'm going to JC Penney today just to feel like I did so for Ellen, Portia and all gay and lesbian people who love, care and support the person they choose to live their life with the same way I choose to love, care and support my husband. YOU GO ELLEN!!!!!! and I'LL GO TO JC PENNEY!!!!!! :) (If I spend too much, I can just blame it on you!!!! Lol, funny thing is that I think my husband would be ok with that excuse bc he knows that I love you, your show, your strength and your ability to make us all laugh like no one else but you can….THANK YOU FOR THAT!!!! :)

Addie Acanda
Exclusive! Will Smith's Greatest Fear: Mice
174 days ago

OMG…….I love Will Smith but he just gained 100 points with me bc everyone makes fun of me for being FOBIC of mice, I'm beyond scared of the nasty, quick little creatures. I don't necessarily like rats or possums either but I'm not freaked out by them like I am with mice. Ellen, if he's as freaked out by mice as I am, I don't think scaring him with one is a good idea. I personally would probably be sick to my stomach if you scared me with one assuming I don't die first