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Adalid Guzman
Name Adalid Guzman
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About Me 22, engaged, future father :)
Adalid Guzman
Are You Expecting Your First Child?
500 days ago

My girlfriend really deserves to be on the show,we live in Florida but this is our first child and she is expected on the 16th of May which is only days after the mothers day show, but shes in College full time, she works part time but she still always makes time for me and her family and I just think shes so amazing juggling all of this while having her big belly and I know she only wants the best for our little son on the way and this would just make her more than happy to know we have a head start on things, because I work full time and we just moved in to our own place, but we dont have it all too bsd but we know with your generosity everything could be so much better Ellen, we love your show and we never miss it unless were working, then we just watch you when we get home lol. We hope to hear from you, we love you and she doesnt know im sending this but she would be thrilled to hear from you :) goodbye Ellen