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Name Adaiane
Location Rio de Janeiro, RJ - Brazil
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Hobbies watch The Ellen Show!!! watch movies, dance, sing, swim, etc.
About Me I'm a very nice girl who loves get out of the routine! Routine is weird. I don't like it, I feel bored!!!
Bruno's Holiday Hat
582 days ago

I loved it so much that I made a post in my tumblr = )
I love you Ellen and thank you for helping us go through all the circunstances just having fun and enjoying our lives in a better way! Thank you so much you've taught me a new perspective about life!!! I love your show!!!!!!!!!

Message from Ellen
597 days ago

Are the giving aways available to fans outside the U.S. ???
Oh man I have a dream to meet Ellen and be on her showwwwwww = )
She's awesome! I love her and all the Brazilians also!!!