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Abigail Andrade
Name Abigail Andrade
Location union city, ca
Age 26
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Hobbies watching 49ers FOOTBALL!!
About Me 25years young. College Graduate BA: Ethnic Studies and Youth Service Admin. 49ERS FANATIC. Ellen dancemove enthusiast.
Abigail Andrade
Are You Excited for This Year's Super Bowl?
553 days ago

I've watched Ellen send football fanatics year-in and year-out to the Superbowl.I have waited for my turn! I have waited for my Niners to go to the Super Bowl since I was 6 years old!!! My sister and I drove to Santa Clara at 11pm just to cheer on our boys as they arrived from their victory game in Atlanta.I have waited for the opportunity to ask Ellen to make my dream come true! I've seen how many people she's made happy by granting them the things they desire most; THIS right here is the ONE thing I have been WAITING for!
My only concern-- showing Ellen my dancemoves- or lack thereof! But I'd dance like a monkey all over that stage if you made my DREAM COME TRUE! love you Ellen, I think it's AWESOME that you do this for your fans.The second my Niners clinched their 6th Superbowl Berth; I knew I could reach out to you to get me there!!!!!<3