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aaranisa hargrave
Name aaranisa hargrave
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Hobbies laughing and watching movies
About Me single mother of seven trying to enjoy my life and sharing it with lou gehrig since 2009 And love to smile and thanks for that ellen
aaranisa hargrave
Rob Lowe's Impressive Impressions
359 days ago

hello ellen, although i desperately need help i will no longer beg for attention or put my personal business online. you have so many people trying to get noticed. i read some of the stories and almost everyone has a situation. i will continue to watch your show because you always make me laugh. i pray that god continues to bless you so that you can continue to bless others. love you ellen you're the best.

aaranisa hargrave
Diane Keaton, Jon Bon Jovi
388 days ago

i just love diane keaton and it must have been some truth serum in her wine lol. she was so funny .

aaranisa hargrave
10th Anniversary Show
392 days ago

happy 10th anniversary ellen. your great and very kind and giving. please don't stop keep showing up in our homes and in our lives and in our hearts. you are by far the best. love you ellen. thanks for the smiles from your tv friend niecy