Tanks, But No Tanks Show Clip
Tanks, But No Tanks
Tanks, But No Tanks Ellen found this viral video of a driver struggling to find the gas cap, and had to share it with her audience! Watch Video
Ellen's Holidays Show Clip
Ellen's Holidays
Ellen's Holidays Ellen talked to her audience about the misadventures she shared with Portia over holiday break. Watch Video
Lea Michele Guesses Celebrity Voices Show Clip
Lea Michele Guesses Celebrity Voices
Lea Michele Guesses Celebrity Voices The "Glee" star shows Ellen one of her many talents — recognizing celebrity voices! Watch Video
Fanny Packs Are Back! Show Clip
Fanny Packs Are Back!
Fanny Packs Are Back! Not to miss out on the trend, Ellen has a new and improved version of the fashion accessory. Watch Video
Ellen's 'Bachelor' Recap Show Clip
Ellen's 'Bachelor' Recap
Ellen's 'Bachelor' Recap If you missed "The Bachelor", Ellen's got you covered. Watch Video
'That's Not Nancy' Live! Show Clip
'That's Not Nancy' Live!
'That's Not Nancy' Live! If you know the classic Ellen standup bit, you won't want to miss this live enactment of it! Watch Video
Heads Up! You're Going to Palm Springs! Show Clip
Heads Up! You're Going to Palm Springs!
Heads Up! You're Going to Palm Springs! Ellen played a round of "All the Right Moves" in her game "Heads Up!" Her audience performed dance styles, and Ellen guessed. Did they win a big trip… Watch Video
Live from the Blizzard Show Clip
Live from the Blizzard
Live from the Blizzard Ellen had some live footage from the storm on the East coast! Watch Video
Ellen's Staff on Screen Show Clip
Ellen's Staff on Screen
Ellen's Staff on Screen Over the years, Ellen's staff has made several memorable appearances on the show. She looked back at some of her favorites.  Watch Video
Lizard in the House Show Clip
Lizard in the House
Lizard in the House Ellen found a lizard in her house and lived to tell the tale. Watch Video
Today's Grabbing News Show Clip
Today's Grabbing News
Today's Grabbing News Ellen had some lucky contestants play a high-stakes, fast-paced game! Watch Video
Don't Drop the Cake Show Clip
Don't Drop the Cake
Don't Drop the Cake Ellen sent Jason out with a cake that was rigged to fall off its stand. Only drama could follow.  Watch Video