Sexual Pillows Photo
Sexual Pillows
Sexual Pillows Shannon M. from Alton, New Hampshire sent in this text message conversation with her mum. Apparently, this store has some very interesting pillows.… See Photo
New Do Photo
New Do
New Do Meghan L. from Cutler Bay, Florida sent in this school photo. She writes that her mother decided to cut her hair the day before the photo. Looks like… See Photo
Now Hiring Thin Hawaiian Photo
Now Hiring Thin Hawaiian
Now Hiring Thin Hawaiian Donna F. from Hutchinson, Kansas sent in this photo of a sign she saw in her town. They might have a hard time filling this role. Check out more of… See Photo
It’s the Style Photo
It’s the Style
It’s the Style Aimee G. from Rutherford, New Jersey sent in this school photo from 1991. Her mother tried to talk her out of this look, but she argued back, “Mom,… See Photo
Out and HORNU Photo
Out and HORNU
Out and HORNU Valerie E. from West Jordan, Utah sent in this text conversation from her daughter. When her mom read it, the students weren’t the only ones who… See Photo
Grump Photobomb Photo
Grump Photobomb
Grump Photobomb Samantha L. from Commerce City, Colorado sent in this photo from her cousin’s wedding, where her son was getting a little crabby. He was waiting… See Photo
Check for What?! Photo
Check for What?!
Check for What?! Payton W. from Wittenberg, Wisconsin set in this text with a cousin. We’re glad Annie was looking for TICKS. Check out more photos in Ellen’s… See Photo
Where’s Waldo? Photo
Where’s Waldo?
Where’s Waldo? Roshelle T. from El Paso, Texas sent in her school photo. She writes, “Can you find Waldo?” Check out more photos in Ellen’s “Bad School… See Photo
Get Your Nails Done Photo
Get Your Nails Done
Get Your Nails Done Meagan F. from Lacey’s Springs, Alabama sent in this Clumsy Thumbsy of a conversation with her friend April. We hope April finally got to get her… See Photo
Sweet 16 Photo
Sweet 16
Sweet 16 Jessica J. from Albita Springs, Louisiana sent in this photo of herself when she was around 16. She was in the mall with her mother when she took… See Photo
You Can Leave Your Hat On Photo
You Can Leave Your Hat On
You Can Leave Your Hat On Jeanne G. from Palm Bay, Florida sent in this mysterious "Hot Glam, Girl!" photo. The hat is covering most of her face. Perhaps she's wanted in the… See Photo
Bridal Party Photo
Bridal Party
Bridal Party Brent W. from Richmond, Kentucky sent in this photo of himself at his mom's wedding when he was 3. They had their matching clothes specially made. We… See Photo