Funny Church Signs Photo
Funny Church Signs
Funny Church Signs See Photo
Sleepy Snugglers Photo
Sleepy Snugglers
Sleepy Snugglers Theresa R. posted this photo of tuckered out duo on Ellen's Facebook page. You're getting verrry sleepyŠ. Check out Ellen's Pets with Snuggle… See Photos
Cute Melons Photo
Cute Melons
Cute Melons Sarah H. from Reno, Nevada sent in this photo of a little gal who loves her citrus. Yay for Vitamin C(ute)! Check out Ellen’s Funniest Photos!  See Photos
Funny Church Signs Photo
Funny Church Signs
Funny Church Signs See Photo
Party Pooped  Photo
Party Pooped 
Party Pooped  Jean A. posted this photo of a birthday girl who fell victim to a sugar crash at her birthday party. Happy birthday, dear zzzzzzzzzz! Check out… See Photos
Valentine's Day Mixed Messages Photo
Valentine's Day Mixed Messages
Valentine's Day Mixed Messages Lauren G. from Austin, Texas sent in this hilarious Valentine. What a (cryptically) cute note! Check out Ellen's Bad Valentine's photos! See Photos
Tank Tot Photo
Tank Tot
Tank Tot Bisrat Y. from Sweden sent in this photo of a dad’s quick thinking to literally give his little one the shirt off his back. High chair, tank top,… See Photos
Puppy Hugs Photo
Puppy Hugs
Puppy Hugs Linda S. from St. Paul, Minnesota snapped this photo of her son and his best friend. Theodore and puppy Zander are inseparable! Check out Ellen's… See Photos
Cake Mask Photo
Cake Mask
Cake Mask Melinda L. posted this photo on Ellen's Facebook wall of a baby who clearly had a blast smashing that cake. Face + Cake = (Messy) Fun! Check out… See Photos
Blonde Bedhead Photo
Blonde Bedhead
Blonde Bedhead Carrie M. from Mesa, Arizona sent in this photo of her 2-year-old daughter’s mop of curly hair. She writes, “This straight-haired mamma needs… See Photo
A Season of Joy? Photo
A Season of Joy?
A Season of Joy? Deborah S. from Brewer, Maine sent in this holiday photo of Sawyer. She writes, “He laughed the whole time we took his picture, then all of a… See Photo
Run Run Emma! Photo
Run Run Emma!
Run Run Emma! Amy T. from Mount Juliet, Tennessee sent in photo of little Emma meeting Santa. She took a cue from Rudolph and got outta there!  Check out… See Photo