Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree Show Clip
Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree
Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree A lucky audience member got into the holiday spirit by playing Ellen's new game -- and winning some huge prizes! Watch Video
Bogus Stories Show Clip
Bogus Stories
Bogus Stories Ellen talked about how some fake stories have been taking the internet by storm. Check your sources, people! Watch Video
Here Comes the Bride Show Clip
Here Comes the Bride
Here Comes the Bride Ellen found a web video of a wedding march to remember. Watch Video
Last Week in Dance: Shark Tank Show Clip
Last Week in Dance: Shark Tank
Last Week in Dance: Shark Tank Ellen decided to mix all of the shimmying and shaking you can imagine… with TV clips. You're welcome.  Watch Video
Me Me Monday: Check Out My Tiger, Yo Show Clip
Me Me Monday: Check Out My Tiger, Yo
Me Me Monday: Check Out My Tiger, Yo Ellen has a hilarious batch of memes to share, some of her new T-shirt designs, and an exciting announcement about "Heads Up!" and Disney Parks! Watch Video
Pie Face: Presidential Edition Show Clip
Pie Face: Presidential Edition
Pie Face: Presidential Edition There's nothing more patriotic than pie. Check out this special Presidents' Day version of Ellen's messy game, Pie Face! Watch Video
This Week in Dance Show Clip
This Week in Dance
This Week in Dance Ellen introduced her new segment that combines dancing with things that aired on TV this week. Enjoy! Watch Video
Ellen's Presidential Collection  Show Clip
Ellen's Presidential Collection 
Ellen's Presidential Collection  Ellen is collecting photos of her favorite presidents, and she'd love your help! Watch Video
Starbucks' Giant New Roastery  Show Clip
Starbucks' Giant New Roastery 
Starbucks' Giant New Roastery  Starbucks shared an exciting announcement about their enormous new location. Watch Video
Flightmageddon Show Clip
Flightmageddon Summer travel has begun, and the lines are longer than ever. Luckily, Ellen has the perfect way for you to pass the time.  Watch Video
What? We Didn’t Do It Photo
What? We Didn’t Do It
What? We Didn’t Do It Candice P. from Ferndale, Michigan sent in this photo of her two pups after leaving them by alone for 10 minutes. Imagine if they’d gotten hold of… See Photo
Coincidence, I Think Not: Safety First Show Clip
Coincidence, I Think Not: Safety First
Coincidence, I Think Not: Safety First Ellen came across some coincidences that might not be so coincidental.  Watch Video