Doggy Door Photo
Doggy Door
Doggy Door Melinda G. from Cuero, Texas sent in this photo of her adorable nephew, Carter, who’s found a great way to come and go as he pleases. Check out… See Photo
Bryson and Crunch Photo
Bryson and Crunch
Bryson and Crunch Taryn B. from Maplewood, Minnesota sent in this photo of her son, Bryson, meeting Crunch. Now the two of them are best friends. Check out more of… See Photo
Let’s Get Physical Photo
Let’s Get Physical
Let’s Get Physical Ashlee M. from Scottsdale, Arizona sent this photo of herself from back in the day, and that day was definitely sometime in the '80s. Check out more… See Photo
Arm in Arm Photo
Arm in Arm
Arm in Arm Paula H. from Temecula, California sent in this photo of her twin “grand-babies who love each other." Talk about cute! Check out more of Ellen’s… See Photo
Hugs From Blake Photo
Hugs From Blake
Hugs From Blake Julianne H. from Tampa, Florida sent in this photo of Blake, who loves his doggy. It looks like it might be unrequited love for now. Check out more… See Photo
Baby Toupee Photo
Baby Toupee
Baby Toupee Vanessa R. from Ellington, Connecticut sent in this photo of her 6-month-old niece Lillie and her big brother Duncan, who appears to be helping her… See Photo
Aubrey and Chloe Photo
Aubrey and Chloe
Aubrey and Chloe Aseel R. from Ottawa, Ontario sent in this photo and writes, “This is Aubrey and her best friend Chloe (doggy) waiting for daddy to come home from… See Photo
Lilli Meets Randy Photo
Lilli Meets Randy
Lilli Meets Randy Lorainne M. from Fairport, New York sent in this photo of her then 1-month-old daughter Lilly and her 2-year-old dachshund, Randy. These two are… See Photo
Caption This! Double Trouble Photo
Caption This! Double Trouble
Caption This! Double Trouble Nicole J. from New York, NY sent in this photo, and we can’t get enough of it! Post your caption for it below in the comments. Check out more… See Photo
Thanks, Mom Photo
Thanks, Mom
Thanks, Mom Kristine P. from Cinnaminson, New Jersey sent in her second-grade school photo. She writes, “I'm not sure what my mom was thinking.” It’s… See Photo
Bathtime Pals Photo
Bathtime Pals
Bathtime Pals Karen B. from Houma, Louisiana sent in this photo of her kitty, who wanted to share in the bathtime fun with her 6-month-old daughter! Check out more… See Photo
Runaways Photo
Runaways Miriam V. from National City, California sent this to Ellen. At least her daughters have everything they need. Check out more photos in Ellen’s… See Photo