Happy Presidents' Day from Macey! Photo
Happy Presidents' Day from Macey!
Happy Presidents' Day from Macey! The pint-sized presidential expert got into the Presidents' Day spirit by dressing up as George Washington. A #1 costume, fit for the very first… See Photos
Outrageous Patriotic Outfits Photo
Outrageous Patriotic Outfits
Outrageous Patriotic Outfits See Photos
Bath Time Photo
Bath Time
Bath Time See Photos
Kids And Pets Photo
Kids And Pets
Kids And Pets See Photos
Soapy Smooches Photo
Soapy Smooches
Soapy Smooches Lydia L. from Maple Ridge, Washington sent in this photo of her daughter and puppy enjoying their baths in the sink. Puppies, babies, kisses – this… See Photos
Tiny Patriot, Big Game Photo
Tiny Patriot, Big Game
Tiny Patriot, Big Game Check out this photo of an adorable young Patriots fan who couldn’t hide his Super Bowl spirit!  Check out Ellen’s Football Babies photos!  See Photos
Jones’ First Snow Day Photo
Jones’ First Snow Day
Jones’ First Snow Day Kanji J. from Knoxville, Tennessee sent in this photo of little Jones all dressed up to celebrate his first snow day. This little snowman melts our… See Photos
Morning 'Coffee' Buddies Photo
Morning 'Coffee' Buddies
Morning 'Coffee' Buddies Theresa S. from Covington, Georgia sent in this photo of her granddaughter with her pretend cup of coffee and fluffy pal. Check out Ellen's Kids and… See Photos
Bottle Flipper, Chocolate Eater Photo
Bottle Flipper, Chocolate Eater
Bottle Flipper, Chocolate Eater Adorable 2-year-old Sammy might look familiar… she showed off her bottle flipping skills on the show, and now she’s showing off her sweet gift… See Photos
Oh, I'm Supposed to Eat the Cake? Photo
Oh, I'm Supposed to Eat the Cake?
Oh, I'm Supposed to Eat the Cake? Janine O. from Macomb, Michigan sent in this photo from her son's first birthday party. Just when you thought this cutie couldn't get any sweeter…… See Photos
Maximum Cuddle Potential Photo
Maximum Cuddle Potential
Maximum Cuddle Potential Tina O. from Sterling Heights, Michigan sent in this photo of a little baby nestled with some fluffy pals. We’d be sleeping soundly too! Check out… See Photos
Rosy Cheeks (and Chin) Photo
Rosy Cheeks (and Chin)
Rosy Cheeks (and Chin) Heather R. posted this photo on Ellen’s Facebook wall of the aftermath of getting into mommy’s makeup. Just imagine what it’ll look like once… See Photos