Lindsay Lohan, Amy Schumer

The world was tracking her every up and down on OWN, but LINDSAY LOHAN's next move is with Ellen! Since her youth, the fascinating star has entertained audiences in films like "The Parent Trap," "Mean Girls" and "Freaky Friday." Lindsay's life has always been interesting to the public, so naturally she found a creative venture in which she could open up in a way she hadn't before... in the docu-series "Lindsay." The actress will explain to Ellen how the journey has been, respond to reactions, and discuss her future!

There's no end to the laughter from "Inside Amy Schumer"! AMY SCHUMER stops by to talk about her hit Comedy Central series, and as fans of the tenacious comedian know, she's not afraid to touch any subject. Amy has tackled feminism, sex, religion and the hazards of employment in her wild and raucous standup. That same candid voice translated into a farce on modern romance and social interaction in her hilarious sketch show, and it also bodes well for her visit to Ellen! Our host has supported Amy since her days on "Last Comic Standing," and she's happy to bring her around again!

On Friday, Ellen's getting exciting insight!