Rob Lowe and his sons Matthew and John Owen, Maddie Ziegler

He's definitely "beautiful" and charismatic, hunky, funny, charming… ROB LOWE has it all, and today he's back on Ellen, and he’s not alone! The star of hit TV shows like “Code Black,” “Parks & Recreation” and “The West Wing” is bringing along his two sons, Matthew and John Owen. The Lowe men are here to give us all the deets on their A&E reality series, “The Lowe Files.” The show follows them as they travel through the country to explore infamous, unsolved mysteries. It’s a family affair, today on Ellen!

At just 14, MADDIE ZIEGLER has done some pretty cool things. She's won various dancing awards, has starred in several of Sia’s music videos, and is now starring in the animated film, “Leap.” We’re so excited, we’ll be swinging from the chandelier!

Get ready to have fun, today on Ellen!