Nicole Kidman, Brilliant Brielle

NICOLE KIDMAN is here! The Oscar-winning actress and gorgeous mom stars in the HBO show “Big Little Lies.” She's one of the most talented women in the movie business, taking on roles that explore all ages, stages and sides of life, in films like "The Hours," "Moulin Rouge!,” “The Stepford Wives" and “Eyes Wide Shut." All eyes are on Nicole no matter what she does, and Ellen is excited to hear about how she and her two adorable young daughters are doing! Plus, our host will definitely be asking about Nicole's hubby, Keith Urban, who revealed some racy tidbits about their marriage when he was on the show. There's so much to discuss when Nicole returns!

Then, she's back with more to teach us about the world... this time, fun chemical formulas! Ellen's little science expert BRIELLE returns for another lesson!

We have a great show for you, today on Ellen!