Meryl Streep, Vanessa Hudgens

A Hollywood icon, MERYL STREEP is here! Just when it seemed the actress couldn't get any better, she did, earning critical praise and more nominations for her part in the dramedy film "August: Osage County." There's no role too deep, emotional, outlandish or complex for this actor whose career spans almost 40 years, with highlights that include "Kramer vs. Kramer," "Sophie's Choice," "Out of Africa," "Julia & Julia" and her Oscar-winning turn as Margaret Thatcher in "The Iron Lady."

Throughout her cinematic journey, Meryl has received three Oscars (17 nominations) and eight Golden Globes (28 nominations), more than any other actor in the history of both awards, plus two Emmys, two Screen Actors Guild Awards, five New York Film Critics Circle Awards, two BAFTA awards, two Australian Film Institute awards, the AFI Life Achievement Award, the Kennedy Center Honor and the 2010 National Medal of Arts. On top of it all, Meryl always manages to have fun. Like Ellen. Together, they have a blast!

Then, VANESSA HUDGENS talks with Ellen! The actress and singer returns to discuss her movie "Gimme Shelter," and to talk about all that's transpired in the years since she was last on the stage. Music, pizzazz and theatrics made Vanessa a young star in the popular Disney film "High School Musical," but her recent career choices have shown a more mature risk-taker with talent, beauty and an alluring mystique... think "Spring Breakers," "Machete Kills" and "Frozen Ground." Her latest role is the true story of a pregnant teen who sets out to redefine her family. Vanessa said it was a part that "wrecked her," and represents a side of the actress never before seen on screen. Ellen will get the details on this amazing challenge, as well as updates on life and love when Vanessa stops by today!

On Friday, Ellen talks to two dynamic actresses!

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142 days ago

Hi Ellen

Try pushing your circular tupperware lid on from the middle of the lid. Usually works for me!

Good luck!
Beck Richmond
Sydney, AUS

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Glenda Collins
142 days ago

SPLITTING water molecules? really? Google Mpemba effect

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Jackie Adams
142 days ago

During you asked who needs a car. My daughter Alyssa is a 19 year old single mom . She found out she was pregnant her senior year of high school. We live in a town where that kind of thing doesn't happen and she chose to have her son even thou she was looked down upon and talked about even by her church elders. She works two jobs and the father of her son isn't in her life due to he is in jail. We have one car that we share in our family and she will get up early in the morning to drive me to work and anyone else that needs a ride. Last April she was in a car accident with her son. A drunk drive hit them going 65 miles an hour. Alyssa had a head injury and has been a champ. I'm so proud of her she is a great mom and puts her son first. She is always so upbeat even when things are at their worse.

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Brenda Mynatt
142 days ago

A helpful hint about your tupperware lids is rinse them under hot water before using them...:)

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W. Keith Sewell
142 days ago

I luv Meryl Streep. The Michael Jordan of acting. Watching her take on the three Julia's in Osage County was like watching Michael take flight. Julia Roberts steps back, and lets Juliette get posterized instead,(J.R. smiles). #AirMERYL

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Azza Hassan
143 days ago

OMG! I love Meryl. Her acting just amazing (who doesn't know that right. Hahaha) I really wanna hear her sing live at your show. :)

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Wanda Fernald
183 days ago


Lily pad lids!!! are the best. They fit various sizes of tupperware bowls and are the coolest things ever.

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Susan Copeland
185 days ago

I definitely know someone that could use a car. Even a used one would work as the car he now drives is a wreck and I worry as he needs it to drive to his job which requires him to use the highway. My son Ryan has always had to achieved what ever his set goal was the hard way. He suffers from dyslexia. As a young child his ability to read was hindered by this and his classmates made fun of him and harassed him. With the help of tutors he was able to graduate from high school and never stopped striving for this goal. After high school he set his sights on becoming a nurse. Struggling with the extremely hard curriculum associated with nursing school, Ryan was dropped from the program of the first nursing school he attended. He worked in a local hospital as a patient caregiver at a minimal wage to keep involved in the medical profession. He also attended the local community college to help increase his GPA and hopefully get him back into a nursing program. After much hard work and never doubting he could obtain his goal of becoming a nurse, he was admitted to another nursing school. He prevailed through this program and after much hard work and dedication, Ryan graduated from nursing school. But his struggles did not end here. He needed to pass his licensing board exams. Standardized tests are unmerciful to dyslexias. He studied, took courses aimed at helping you pass this test and failed it after 2 attempts. If he failed on his third try, he would need to take more courses. His ability to get his license would need to wait for 6 more months as required by the licensing board. He increased his studies and we prayed. On the third attempt Ryan passed and now is an RN. He has a heart of gold and is an outstanding nurse. His patients absolutely love him and he always gives them 200% when he cares for them. This is made evident by the many letters his patients write and send to the hospital administration. As a mother I am so proud of his achievement and perseverance when most people thought he wouldn't or couldn't become a nurse. Now why he could use a newer car. Because of his many loans and bills that come with going to college, he is now working to pay off his debt. He has used this car for 8+ years and it was old when he started driving it. The door inside panels are off and the windows don't work. Plus it is ugly and doesn't always start. I truly believe it is not safe for him to drive during the winter months. But none of this prevents him from going to his job as a nurse which he loves. It would be such a great surprise to him, as he has always struggled with everything he has always wanted to achieve, to give him a newer vehicle. So please Ellen please consider this very giving young man a gift he would forever be grateful for receiving. Thank you too for your numerous, and I mean numerous acts of sharing and kindness you show others. I often wish I had the funds, as I would do the same.
Best regards,
Sue Copeland

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Karen Ann Giardelli
186 days ago

In regards to your Tupperware lid problem. Most bowls have a capital letter at the bottom you can match that letter to the letter on the lid, this letter is large enough to notice. Also, running the lid under hot water to soften it, dry and stretch onto the bowl. I also suggest to my customers after you are done using the bowl, wash and dry it and the lid, put the lid on and keep it on overnight, this will help for the lid to stretch and fit next time. That is why Tupperware Parties are so popular, you gather some great tips along with the fun!

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Daryl Field
186 days ago

Hi Ellen,

Regarding the tupperware problem. Our solution to the same problem you were having, was attaching all the bowls to the lids, throwing the orphans out. We haven't had an orphan come up yet. We've yet to figure the sock solution out.

Love your show!


Daryl (One 'R' is female spelling)

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Linda Word
186 days ago

Dear Ellen, Yesterday I saw a note on the screen while watching your show. It said to contact you if I knew someone who needs a new car. I do know someone & she is my daughter. She is a single mom with an adorable 3 yr old son who she is raising on her own without any support from the father. She works full time & is going to school part time to get her masters degree in social work. She has a car that is over 12 yrs old and over 100k miles. It barely runs yet she uses it to drive to work daily, and to the university 50 miles away 3x a week. & In this horrible winter that Illinois is having with the cold and snow I am so worried about her being out on the road with an unsafe car. She spends alot of her wages on child care and has no money left to buy a car.
I live 1500 miles away in Arizona on social security and dont have any money to help her out either.
Please help her ( Melissa) and our grandson Cashton out if you could. That would be fantastic.
I love your show and watch every day.

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Bev Phillips
186 days ago

Reply to Rendi Guyton and Diana

The fellow who did the videos was Zak King. Here is the clip from Ellen's show: Roll down the page till you get to Vine Videos Jan 20 2014.

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Peggy Taylor
186 days ago

Hi Ellen,
I would love to see our incredible Seattle Seahawks play in the Superbowl this year. I'm a big fan and would represent them well if I was in NYC. Last year was a tough one for me. I was diagnosed with breast cancer, had major surgery then 4 months of chemotherapy. I haven't felt good until recently and need a chance to get away for some fun.
Thanks for considering my request Ellen.

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Valerie Barone
186 days ago

I know you received numerous answers to the magnanimous question regarding running your Tupperware "seal" (not lid, Tupperware seals, lids just lay")under hot water, but just so you remember this for the next time you run into this problem - repeat - "New Tupperware seals are really tight, Get them hot & wet and they will fit just Right!" (Chuckle, snort) Now for the sock problem, there was a commercial a few years back with a 1 legged alien, I think he gets them before they hit the dryer, that is why they are wet.

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Debi Decker
186 days ago


Dear Ellen,

My name is Debi Decker. I think this is the first time I have ever written to your show, although I watch you as often as I can to give myself a comedic break during the day. I am currently unemployed, recently filed bankruptcy, closed my business to foreclosure and am separated from my husband after a tumultuous 25 year relationship. My 22-year-old son, Jeremy, and I are currently living in a rent-subsidized apartment with each other as roommates and sharing my vehicle. He has found sporadic work in construction but really wants to start college. I have returned to school online to finish my bachelor’s degree while seeking gainful employment. I am on unemployment and food stamps right now, so we are barely making it. Since Jeremy does get some part time work, he gets to use my car or I drop him off and pick him up from work if I need it for job interviews.

I think if Jeremy had his OWN car, I may be able to find employment easier and faster and he would be able to quit his part time construction work and finally enroll for college. I don’t want you to get the wrong idea here, but Jeremy has had several vehicles and all of them were either lemons, jalopies or during his three years of learning how to drive—wrecked! Here are few examples:

When Jeremy was about to turn 16, my dad, rest his soul, gave his old circa 1980 Toyota Tercel station wagon to Jeremy. That car was so old that it took us two and a half hours to drive it home in 2nd gear. We tried to get it fixed, but even the mechanic said “forget it!”

After that, Jeremy saved $1,100 of his own money and bought a 1980-something huge Suburban which was such a gas guzzler that he couldn’t afford to drive it (gas was about $4 bucks a gallon then). So he eventually got rid of it and never even really drove it anywhere.

For a while, the only thing we would let him drive was Old Blue, the tractor and only in the pasture! He did pretty well with that and was happy just having something to drive.

Then after an unexpected windfall, after he turned 17, I bought him a classic 1987 El Camino that was in almost mint condition – until he started driving it. Evidently, he had problems learning how to look before turning left or right at intersections. Here is a picture of that car. He eventually wrecked the other side of the car, too, which looked about the same, so we replaced TWO rear ends on what once was a classic car. After that I decided not to let him drive that car and I couldn’t afford the insurance on it anymore. And I was scared to death that he was going to have a REALLY bad accident, which, of course, he eventually did.
Now, after going to the high school driver’s education course, the judge sent him to a defensive driving course and then I sent him to a private driving school just to make sure we had covered all the bases (or side panels, if you will).

After the El Camino, I would occasionally let him drive my car, my beautiful, and maxed out PT Cruiser and through no fault of his own (he was rear-ended by someone who didn’t stop for a fire engine). That car was totaled. Here is a picture of that car. That was my all time favorite car!!! But it wasn’t his fault THAT time.


After the PT Cruiser incident, Jeremy landed a really good job working as a robotic welder so we scraped together enough money (I even sold some gold jewelry) for him to buy an indestructible 1987 Chevy Pick-up truck. Well, after a new engine, a new transmission and just about everything else you can think of, we figured out that it was destructible. So Jeremy lost his job because he didn’t have any transportation. I don’t have a picture of that truck and at this point, I don’t really care – I just want him to have HIS OWN car so he will stop using mine!

After my poor little PT Cruiser was totaled, I searched the internet for a replacement and I found a 2006 Mitsubishi Lancer that, now get this, was manufactured in Puerto Rico, came from Miami and was titled out of Canada! So we are now sharing the 2006 Puerto Rican/Canadian Mitsubishi and THANKS to heaven above it is still running and it hasn’t been wrecked!

So, I hope you read this email and find it in your all-giving heart to give my son a car or truck so that he will stop driving my car! Thank you and please keep us smiling!

Debi Decker
Loganville, Georgia

PS, He might need some more driving lessons, too.

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