Diane Keaton, 17-Year-Old 1st Male CoverGirl, and David Blaine

She's a Hollywood legend, an Academy Award-winning actress, and played Ellen's mom in "Finding Dory"! DIANE KEATON is back on Ellen's stage to talk about the DVD release of "Finding Dory."

Then, JAMES CHARLES is a high school senior who caught the public's eye one year ago when he launched an Instagram page showcasing styles of makeup. CoverGirl loved James' styles so much, they hired him to be the first male CoverGirl. He's here today with Ellen, who's also a CoverGirl, to talk about his experience.

Plus, one of the most spectacular and influential magicians of our time, DAVID BLAINE will wow and amaze us. He's here to tell Ellen all about his special, "David Blaine: Beyond Magic."

We’re going to wow you, today on Ellen!