Bradley Cooper, Akshat Singh

BRADLEY COOPER is stopping by, and he's got a lot of good things in store for Ellen besides his handsome face! The actor and former People's Sexiest Man Alive received an Oscar nomination as Best Supporting Actor this year for his role as an FBI agent and criminal pawn in the all-star film "American Hustle." It's not the first time Bradley's work has been recognized in Hollywood. He received many nominations and awards for his lead role in last year's "Silver Linings Playbook," and captured the spirit of male camaraderie and mayhem in "The Hangover" series. When he dropped by Ellen's set before, Bradley showed her his moves on the dance floor, and hearts went a'fluttering. What could possibly come next when he and Ellen tango again?!

He may have been dancing overseas, but 8-year-old “India's Got Talent” contestant AKSHAT SINGH got the world's attention when his animated dance routine went viral! Ellen had to see for herself and invited him to her stage. One thing's for certain, Akshat is guaranteed to make a big entrance! 

On Thursday, Ellen's hustling with the best in the game!