Nicki’s Reaction Quote of the Day
Nicki’s Reaction
Nicki’s Reaction “What did you just do? You are hilarious!” —Nicki Minaj after seeing Ellen in her "Anaconda" music video Read More
Ellen's Record-Breaking Tweet! Social
Ellen's Record-Breaking Tweet!
Ellen's Record-Breaking Tweet! Ellen tweeted the most epic selfie during the Oscars! Check it out! Read More
Britney's Spin the Bottle Days Quote of the Day
Britney's Spin the Bottle Days
Britney's Spin the Bottle Days "The only person I kissed was Justin [Timberlake]." --Britney Spears on playing Spin the Bottle during her "Mickey Mouse Club" days Read More
Alison's Announcement Quote of the Day
Alison's Announcement
Alison's Announcement "I've been with 'Days of Our Lives' for 21 years, and I've decided this year is going to be my last year." --Alison Sweeney Read More
Remembering Robin Williams Videos
Remembering Robin Williams
Remembering Robin Williams Robin Williams was a legend in his own time. Apart from being one of the most hilarious and beloved comedians in history, his work reached far beyond… Read More
Good Luck Charm Quote of the Day
Good Luck Charm
Good Luck Charm "You're sort of like a fertility good luck charm." --Megan Fox to Ellen Read More
Ellen's Words of Wisdom Quote of the Day
Ellen's Words of Wisdom
Ellen's Words of Wisdom "You should never let someone else determine your self worth." --Ellen to "American Idol" castoff Jessica Bassett Read More
Macklemore Thanks Ellen Quote of the Day
Macklemore Thanks Ellen
Macklemore Thanks Ellen "We have a lot of praise to show you because this was the first time we ever performed live on television. You got behind 'Same Love' before anybody… Read More
Quotes of the Week List
Quotes of the Week
Quotes of the Week Click here to read the best quotes from this week! Read More
Scientology Quote of the Day
Scientology "Over time, my eyes opened and I just could not be affiliated with the organization, and my family felt the same, so we left." --Leah Remini on… Read More
Talia Quote of the Day
Talia "It was Talia's dream to meet me, but meeting her was a gift I'll never forget." --Ellen on Talia Read More
Twerk It! Quote of the Day
Twerk It!
Twerk It! "This season I'm gonna work it while I twerk it!" --Ellen Read More