In the early '90s, Weezer exploded onto the music scene. Since their debut album in 1994, the band has become a fan favorite, and over the years has steadily become an iconic band of a generation. With their guitar pop sound infused with elements of hard rock along with the band's atypical geeky look, Weezer will always remain unique.

Weezer formed in 1992 and began opening for small bands. In just over a year, they signed with Geffen records and set to work on their first album. In 1994, their self-titled debut was released. After the song "Undone - The Sweater Song" found play on the radio, it was released as a single, followed by "Buddy Holly." The band found huge success when their quirky music videos (one recreated the classic TV show "Happy Days") combined with their fresh and fun sound made them instant hits on MTV, even earning the band MTV Music Video Awards. The album took off and was certified Platinum 3 times.

They followed with their second album, "Pinkerton." While it didn't find immediate success, it has since become a cult hit. The band took a break for a few years while lead singer River Cuomo worked on new material, the other members worked on their own independent material. In 2000, the band reunited for a concert in Japan and discovered a renewed creativity. They then released their third album in 2001, also named "Weezer," but commonly referred to as "The Green Album." It also became a huge hit and was certified platinum.

Weezer released several more albums in the following years, and even received a Grammy nomination for the 2005 single, "Beverly Hills."

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