Travie McCoy

Travie McCoy first made a splash as part of the group Gym Class Heroes -- a band Ellen loves. Then, in 2010 he made his debut as a solo artist, and his first single, "Billionaire," ended up becoming a smash hit and was certified double platinum. With two great avenues to make music, the only way he's headed is up!

As a teen, McCoy took a strong interest in art and music. He met his friend, Matt McGinley, in gym class, and the two quickly bonded. They decided to start a band -- one that would later be appropriately named Gym Class Heroes. At first they were a simple high school band, but after realizing college wasn't his path, McCoy decided to take it professional. For a few years, they worked hard and even self-released an album, finally landing a record deal with Pete Wentz's Fueled by Ramen label.

In 2006, Gym Class Heroes released "As Cruel As School Children," with the hit single "Cupid's Chokehold" taking off. The song was #1 on the Pop Charts and was certified platinum. In 2008, they released another album, "The Quilt," then decided to take a hiatus to pursue other paths. Travie took the opportunity to start a solo career and set to work on his debut album, "Lazarus." He collaborated with Bruno Mars, T-Pain and Cee-Lo Green, among many others. The debut single, "Billionaire," became a huge hit and has been certified 2x platinum. His third single, "We'll Be Alright," is well on its way to similar success.

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