Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush were two talented solo artists, but when they got together, they formed a powerful country music team: Sugarland.

Originally formed in 2002 with a third member, Kristen Hall, the group set to work creating a self-produced EP. That, along with their highly regarded live performances, eventually earned them a record deal with Mercury Records. In 2004, their debut album "Twice the Speed of Light" was certified multi-platinum. It earned them a Grammy nomination for Best New Artist.

Following the departure of Hall, Sugarland released their second album, "Enjoy the Ride," in 2006. Once again it was certified multi-platinum and included several major hits. They continued their success with the next album in 2009, "Love on the Inside," which included two #1 hits, "All I Want to Do" and "Already Gone."

To date, Sugarland has more than 8 million albums and 11 Top Ten hits -- including five that hit #1. Now they're adding to that with their latest album, "The Incredible Machine."

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