Sade was born in Nigeria, where she spent the early part of her life, before moving to England with her mother. While at college in London, Sade joined an eight-member funk group named Pride. The group often split into smaller groups during performances, and record labels took an interest in the three-person group including Sade. With the blessing of the full band, they took on a fourth member and signed a deal creating a group named after the lead singer -- Sade.

In 1984, the group released their first album in the UK, "Diamond Live." It made it to #2 and was certified 4x platinum, and won several awards in England. Following that success, their second album, "Promise," was released a year and a half later. It went to #1 in the UK, and netted Sade a Grammy for Best New Artist.

Several albums followed in the '90s, netting even more Grammys and selling millions. Collectively, Sade has sold over 50 million albums and she is the best-selling female artist in British history. After the release in 2000 of their fifth album, "Lovers Rock," the band went on tour and then took a break. The hiatus lasted ten years.

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