The French band comprises Thomas Mars (vocals), Deck D’Arcy (bass), Christian Mazzalai (guitar) and Laurent Brancowitz (guitar), who all began playing music as kids in a suburb of Versailles, France.

Phoenix formed in 1999 and started off as the backing band for a remix of Air’s “Kelly Watch the Stars” single. Soon after, Phoenix released their debut album "United" in 2000. The name “Phoenix” was officially chosen in 1996 when Laurent Brancowitz permanently joined the group after his other band, Darlin’, disbanded. The other two members of Darlin’ (Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo) went on to form Daft Punk.

Phoenix is based in Paris, France and their music has been featured in such films as "Shallow Hal" and "Lost in Translation," directed by Sofia Coppola. In 2006, the band themselves appeared in "Marie Antoinette," also directed by Coppola, Thomas Mars' partner.

The band’s fourth album, “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix” was released in 2009. It contains “1901," which peaked at #1 on Billboard Alternative Songs chart in January 2010. The album won for Best Alternative Album at the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards.

In 2013, they released their fifth album, “Bankrupt!”

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