Like many of the best artist, Orianthi knew as a child that she was destined for music. Growing up in Australia, she was fascinated with her father's extensive guitar collection. At just six years old she picked one up and instantly fell in love. For years she took lessons, influenced by great guitarists like Eric Clapton, Jimmy Hendrix, and Carlos Santana. As a teenager, she began playing in bands with friends, and even dropped out of school at 15 to pursue a professional career. When she was 18, she was invited to play with Santana himself during a sound check. He was so impressed, he invited her to play during the concert!

Santana isn't the only one to spot Orianthi's talent. Over the years she shared the stage with Prince and ZZ Top. In 2009 she performed with Carrie Underwood during the Grammys. But probably her biggest moment was when Michael Jackson hand picked her to play on his comeback tour. While that tour never happened, she sang at Jackson's memorial, and is also featured in the film 'This is It'. Now she is progressing her career with her album "Believe", and stopped by the show to perform her hit song, "According to You". Take a look at the video!

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