Nick Jonas And The Administration

It's no surprise that Nick is exploring a solo career. After performing on Broadway as a young child, he signed with a record label, but when the president of the label heard his brothers Kevin and Joe singing backup, he decided to sign all three as a group -- creating The Jonas Brothers.

In 2007, the world was introduced to the three brothers. In just months, The Jonas Brothers became superstars and sold over 8 million albums worldwide. After such incredible success, Nick wanted to explore a side of himself beyond the group.

After two years of concerts, awards ceremonies and television shows, the brothers finally got time off to relax. Kevin and Joe escaped to Cancun, but not Nick. He went right back into the recording studio. With ten songs he had personally written, Nick worked with a band comprised of some of the top musicians in the industry -- three out of four were part of the New Power Generation with Prince. At the end of two weeks, the newly formed group, Nick Jonas and the Administration, had put together a brand new album, "Who I Am." It has just been released to rave reviews across the board.

Nick and his band stopped by on the day the album's release to perform the first single, "Who I Am."

And don't worry -- Nick has assured everyone that the Jonas Brothers aren't going anywhere!

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