Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez blew the roof off the stage with her phenomenal, exclusive performance of "Louboutins." An incredible dancer, singer and actress, even Ellen referred to her as a triple threat on the show. It was clear from an early age that Jennifer would have a strong career in entertainment, but few have as many talents and as much success as she has. It seems that she is successful in just about anything she tries.

Jennifer grew up in New York, and immediately after high school started pursuing a career in dance. She found roles dancing in movies, in clubs and on stage, and soon was picked to be a "Fly Girl" dancer on the hit show, "In Living Color." While on the show she also worked as a backup dancer for Janet Jackson -- experience that would come in handy later in her career.

After her experience on "In Living Color," Jennifer decided to try her luck at acting. For years she was cast in a variety of roles in TV and film, but none got her much notice. That is until she was cast in the title role of "Selena," the true story of the Grammy-winning Latina artist who was murdered. Her portrayal landed her a Golden Globe nomination and her success continued as she quickly became an A-list celebrity. That's when she decided to pursue a music career. In 1999, Jennifer Lopez released her debut album "On the 6." It has been certified triple platinum thanks to the hit singles "Waiting for Tonight" and "If You Had My Love," and was followed by the quadruple platinum "J.Lo". Since then, she has continued her acting and music career with incredible success, remaining one of the top artists of our time. In her personal life, she has been married to Marc Anthony for 5 years and they have 21-month-old twins.

In March, Jennifer will release her next album "Love?" but in an exclusive appearance she flawlessly recreated her American Music Award performance of "Louboutins" for Ellen. You won't see it on any other talk show, but you can check out the amazing performance here, as well as take a look at other photos, video and more.

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