Jay Sean

We had a really cool performance from Jay Sean yesterday. Have you heard of him? I know you know the song. Here, I'll sing it for you... "Even if the sky is falling down. D-o-o-own." Got it? Once it's in your head you can't get it out.

He's from London and is about to release his first album "All or Nothing" here in America. It can be hard for an artist from the UK to break into the American music scene, but not for Jay. If his first single is any indication, he's gonna be huge! It's called "Down" and I know you've heard it... I just sang it. Right now it's at the #1 spot on the charts (he pushed the Black Eyed Peas off the top) and is everywhere on the radio. I can't stop listening to it!

He says he's an optimist and likes to focus on what's positive in life, and I think it's clearly working for him. Just the other week he performed with my good friend Justin Timberlake in Las Vegas. He's also worked with Sean Paul and Lil Wayne, and there are rumors that in the future he'll be collaborating with all sorts of musicians. I loved his performance on my show -- he even included some extra beatboxing just for me! You can watch it below. He's also got a Twitter account and he's on Facebook, so take a look at them to learn more.

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