Ingrid Michaelson

She's been hailed as the "Queen of MySpace" -- and here's why...

When Ingrid Michaelson started creating music, she posted it on her MySpace account, and has since become one of the most downloaded artists in history. Her song "The Way I Am" has been played more than ten million times on MySpace!

Ingrid began in music at the age of four when she started piano lessons. Throughout her childhood and early adulthood, she explored music and theatre. She was part of an a capella group, performed in musical theatre and even directed. Eventually, she decided to pursue a career in music and began writing songs. Ingrid was one of the first to utilize the emerging online social networks, and created an online album, "Slow the Rain."

In 2006, Ingrid self-released the album "Girls and Boys," and the entertainment industry took notice. Her songs have been featured on the hit television shows "Grey's Anatomy," "Scrubs," and "One Tree Hill," as well as an Old Navy advertising campaign. Her success led to a tour with Jason Mraz and collaborations with her friend Sarah Bareilles, and one of Ellen's favorites, Joshua Radin.

Her latest album "Everybody" was released last August on her own record label and debuted at #1 on iTunes. She visited Ellen to perform her latest single, "Maybe."

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