Since their debut in the mid '70s, Heart has become one of the most iconic rock bands ever. Fronted by two powerful women, Ann and Nancy Wilson, they've released several multi-platinum albums and have sold over 30 million copies. Ironically, the band was originally formed without the sisters.

In 1963, Vancouver, British Columbia, bassist Steve Fossen and brothers Roger Fisher and Mike Fisher formed a band -- calling themselves the Army. Throughout the next years, they changed their name to White Heart, and eventually shortened it to Heart. In the early '70s, Mike Fisher became romantically involved with Ann Wilson, and she soon joined the band. Her sister joined the band a couple of years later, in 1974. At the same time, Mike Fisher decided to stop performing and became the band's sound engineer. It was with this lineup that Heart began their path to success.

While playing locally in Canada, the group recorded a demo and soon signed with the Canadian label, Mushroom. They set to work on their debut album, "Dreamboat Annie," which was released in 1975. It sold over 30,000 copies in Canada, which led them to release it in the United States. With the strong singles "Crazy on You" and "Magic Man," the album took off and was quickly certified platinum. They then signed to the U.S. label, Portrait, and released the follow-up album, "Little Queen." It featured the hit single, "Barracuda" and sold well over a million copies. A legal scuffle between their original label led to the release of "Magazine," which was yet another platinum hit, followed by "Dog and Butterfly" which went 2x platinum.

After their initial success, Heart soon hit a rough patch. Steve Fossen and Roger Fisher left the band, and their albums failed to find an audience. Many in the industry thought the band's time was over, but they changed all that in 1985. That year, Heart released their self-titled album, which was a huge hit and was certified an impressive 5x platinum. Four of the singles went to the Top 10. More platinum albums followed into the early '90s before the band took a break, allowing the Wilson sisters to focus on their side project, The Lovemongers.

They reunited several years ago to release "Jupiters Darling" in 2004 -- and even stopped by on Ellen's 50th Birthday Show to perform their classic hit, "Barracuda." In 2010, they released their latest album, "Red Velvet Car," and just released a DVD of their concert film, "Night at Sky Church," which features both classic hits and new songs.

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Top Songs

  1. What About Love
  2. Alone
  3. Crazy On You
  4. Barracuda
  5. Magic Man