Foo Fighters

A post-Nirvana project for Dave Grohl has turned into what the Foo Fighters are today – a powerful combination of the Pixies and Nirvana. It started with a self-titled debut album full of Dave’s solo recordings, which reached platinum status in the US by 1996. The Foo Fighters followed it with more successful studio albums before Dave took a break to work on a new group, Them Crooked Vultures. In 2011, the Foos reunited for “Wasting Light.” It debuted at number one, went gold, and won the band four more Grammys. With an amazing 11 Grammys on their shelves, the Foo Fighters announced a hiatus in 2012, but couldn’t stay away for long. By the end of 2013, they were back on stage, and in November 2014, they released their eighth studio album, “Sonic Highways.” The Foo Fighters filmed an HBO documentary series showing fans the process behind recording each track in a different city. Best of all, it’s led them straight to Burbank to rock out on The Ellen Show.

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