Fall Out Boy
The group's four members first got together in the suburbs of Chicago in 2001. Vocalist/guitarist Patrick Stump, bassist/lyricist Pete Wentz, drummer Andrew Hurley and guitarist Joe Trohman had all taken part in various bands connected to Chicago's underground hardcore scene.

Their breakout album, "From Under the Cork Tree" was released in 2005 and quickly reached the Top Ten of Billboard's album chart and had two Top Ten hits with "Sugar We're Going Down" and "Dance, Dance." The album went double platinum and earned them a Grammy nomination for Best New Artist.

They released their 2nd album, "Infinity on High," in 2007 -- which debuted at number one on the Billboard charts and went platinum a month later. The band went on indefinite hiatus in late 2009. During that time, Stump released a solo album called "Soul Punk" in 2011, Wentz formed a band called Black Cards, while Trohman and Hurley formed The Damned Things.

In February 2013 they announced their comeback with the album “Save Rock and Roll," and they performed a single from that album on The Ellen Show in October 2013.

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